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History of the Festival

The Sebring Soda Festival began in 2018 and has since grown into an annual event showcasing a wide variety of carbonated beverages.

The idea for the Sebring Soda Festival was born when Jeff Cannady, the original owner of Sebring Soda & Ice Cream Works, approached Casey Hartt, the Lead Marketing Consultant of the TDC, about hosting a Soda Festival in downtown Sebring. Inspired by a video showcasing a popular Soda Festival in Illinois, Casey saw the potential to replicate the event in Sebring, with the added advantage of having an actual soda shop in town.

Recognizing that neither the TDC nor the CRA could fully organize the festival, Casey approached the Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce, who became the perfect organization to lead the event. The festival aimed to rally the community, promote local businesses, attract visitors, raise funds for the Chamber, and involve non-profit members.

The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce is proud to host and orgainze this event for all to enjoy! 

Jeff from the Soda Shop played a crucial role in getting the festival off the ground, providing insights, connections, and expertise in the soda business. The four-pronged team of the Sebring Chamber, Soda Shop, TDC, and CRA worked closely together, investing significant time and energy into the inaugural festival.

The TDC played a vital role in marketing the festival, creating a dedicated landing page, securing the domain, booking TV appearances, and launching online and print campaigns. The Soda Shop promoted the event in-store and emphasized that visitors could explore craft sodas year-round at their establishment.


The first Sebring Soda Festival in 2018 exceeded expectations, drawing thousands of attendees and receiving enthusiastic reviews. However, shortly after the event, Jeff announced the closure of the Soda Shop due to health issues. Determined to keep the festival's spirit alive, Liz and Daniel Barber purchased the Soda Shop, ensuring its continued presence in downtown Sebring.

Today, the Sebring Soda Festival continues to thrive, thanks to the collaborative efforts of the community and The Greater Sebring Chamber of Commerce.

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