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Soda Tastings

With over 200 sodas from around the world to taste, the Sebring Soda Festival has a soda for every member of your family. 

Over 200 Sodas to Taste & Explore

Soda Tastings start as low as $6! Click the link at the bottom of this page to pre-purchase, or purchase at the event.


Ale 8 One

Americana Black Cherry

Americana Honey Cream

Americana Huckleberry

Anchor Ginger Root Beer

Avery Bug Barf

Avery Fungal Fruit

Avery Monster Mucus

Avery Swamp Juice

Avery Unicorn Yack

Avery Zombie Brain Juice

Bedford Marionberry Cream

Boylan Birch Beer

Boylan Cola

Boylan Ginger Ale

Boylan Orange

Boylan Root Beer

Brownie Caramel Root Beer

Bulldog Root Beer

Captain Eli's Black Cherry

Captain Eli's Cream

Captain Eli's Lemon Lime

Caruso's Blood Orange

Caruso's Lemoncello

Caruso's Root Beer

Cicero Candied Bacon Cream Soda

Cicero Coconut

Cicero Salted Caramel Root Beer

Coca Cola

Cock N Bull Ginger Beer

Cool Mountain Blue Raspberry

Cool Mountain Green Apple

Cool Mountain Root Beer

Dad's Blue Cream

Dad's Orange Cream

Dad's Root Beer

Diet Boylan Black Cherry

Diet Boylan Cream

Diet Cock N Bull Ginger Beer

Diet Foxon Park White Birch

Diet IBC Root Beer

Diet Moneybag Cola

Dog N Suds Root Beer

Earp's Sarsarparilla

Fanta Orange

Fanta Strawberry

Faygo Red Pop

Faygo Root Beer

Fest Bourbon Cream

Fest Southern Peach Ginger Ale

Foxon Park White Birch

Frostie Cherry Limeade

Frostie Ginger Beer

Frostie Orange

Frostie Strawberry Watermelon


Hank's Black Cherry

Hank's Root Beer

Havana Cola

Havana Sangria

IBC Black Cherry

IBC Root Beer

Jackson Hole Snake River Sarsarparilla

Jarrito's Grapefruit

Jarrito's Lime

Jarrito's Mango

Jarrito's Strawberry

Jersey Cream

Lemmy Lemonade

Manhattan Special Espresso

Moneybag Cream

Mr. Cola

Nehi Grape

Nehi Peach

Nesbitt Orange

Nichol Cola

Oak Creek Blonde Root Beer

Old Red Eye Root Beer

Pig Iron Cola

Romano's Blueberry

Romano's Orange

Romano's Strawberry

Romano's White Peach

Route 66 Blue Raspberry

Route 66 Grape

Route 66 Orange

Shirley Temple

Sioux City Birch Beer

Sioux City Sarsarparilla

Soda Boy Strawberry Cream

Sour Puss Fruit Punch

Spiffy Cola

Sprecher Cream

Sprecher Orange

Sprecher Ravin Red Cran-Apple



Swamp Pop Cola

Swamp Pop Root Beer

Ting Grapefruit

Triple XXX Root Beer

Zuberfizz Key Lime Cream

A&W Root Beer

Ale 8 One Cherry

Americana Cherry Cola

Americana Honey Lime Ginger Ale

Americana Root Beer

Avery Alien Snot

Avery Dog Drool

Avery Kitty Piddle

Avery Poop Chute Pop

Avery Toxic Slime

Avery Worm Ooze

Bedford Cream Beer

Big Red

Boylan Black Cherry

Boylan Cream

Boylan Grape

Boylan Red Birch Beer

Boylan Sparkling Cider

Bubble Up

Canada Dry Ginger Ale

Captain Eli's Blueberry

Captain Eli's Fruit Punch

Captain Eli's Strawberry

Caruso's Dark Cream

Caruso's Maraschino Cherry Cola


Cicero Caramel Apple

Cicero Peach Cobbler

Cicero Sour Cherry

Cock N Bull Cherry Ginger Beer

Cool Mountain Black Cherry

Cool Mountain Cream

Cool Mountain Orange

Cool Mountain Strawberry

Dad's Cream

Dad's Red Cream

Diet Ale 8 One

Diet Boylan Cola

Diet Cheerwine

Diet Dad's Root Beer

Diet Hank's Root Beer

Diet Manhattan Special Espresso

Diet Sprecher Root Beer/Lo-Cal

Double Cola

Fanta Grape

Fanta Pineapple

Faygo Cream

Faygo Rock N Rye

Fest Almond Cola

Fest Pecan Root Beer

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

Frostie Blue Cream

Frostie Fruit Punch

Frostie Grape

Frostie Root Beer

Frostie Vanilla Root Beer

Green River Lime

Hank's Pumpkin Spice

Hank's Vanilla Cream

Havana Mojito

Howdy Cherry Jubilee

IBC Cream Soda

Jackson Hole Buckin' Root Beer

Jarrito's Fruit Punch

Jarrito's Guava

Jarrito's Mandarin

Jarrito's Pineapple

Jarrito's Tamarind

Kiss Grapefruit

MacFuddy's Pepper 

Moneybag Cola


Mr. Q Cumber

Nehi Orange

Nesbitt Honey Lemonade

Nesbitt Peach


Oak Creek Root Beer

O-So Butterscotch Root Beer

RC Cola

Romano's Cream

Romano's Sour Apple

Romano's Vanilla Cream

Route 66 Black Cherry

Route 66 Cream

Route 66 Lime

Route 66 Root Beer

Sioux City Berry Berry

Sioux City Prickly Pear

Soda Boy Caramel Cream

Sour Puss Blueberry Lemonade

Sour Puss Kiwi Orange

Sprecher Cherry Cola

Sprecher Ginger Ale

Sprecher Puma Cola

Sprecher Root Beer


Sunkist Orange

Swamp Pop Cream

Swamp Pop Strawberry

Triple Cola

Zuberfizz Cocofiz

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